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Responsible investment

ABE CAPITAL PARTNERS applies environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles in its investment decisions and in its relationship with its investees, contributing to a more sustainable world and providing greater added value throughout the entire investment process.

Origination investment opportunity


ABE CAPITAL PARTNERS has excluded a group of activities from its potential investment portfolio as they are considered contrary to its responsible investment principles. Led by the experience of our investment teams, the inclusion of ESG factors in our investment process enables our investors to:

  1. The generation of cost savings through energy efficiency measures, optimisation of the use of water resources, waste minimisation…
  2. The development of new products or services aligned with consumer preferences in terms of sustainability: BIO products, use of recyclable or biodegradable materials and the introduction of eco-packaging initiatives.
DD procedure


ABE CAPITAL PARTNERS carries out an Environmental Due Diligence, analysing the main ESG risks and opportunities of each investment operation. The risks arising from the following aspects are analysed:

  1. Environmental impact of the company
  2. Occupational health and safety
  3. Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements
  4. Anti-corruption practices and policies
  5. Compliance with the human rights and workers' rights standards set out in the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and ILO core treaties.
Portfolio management


ESG issues in investees are monitored by appointing an ESG manager in each investee, defining KPIs to track the evolution of ESG performance, and including ESG monitoring compliance as an agenda item at board meetings.



The target of ABE CAPITAL PARTNERS is to be able to leave a record of the positive impact achieved throughout its investment through a process of continuous improvement in ESG issues promoted along the entire investment process. The aspiration is to promote growth in the invested companies and help them become more sustainable in the long term.


ABE CAPITAL PARTNERS is made up of a team of people whose investment decisions are based on a common foundation of solid principles.



    We are honest and straightforward in our internal and external communications.



    We put our principles of integrity first in order to do the right thing always.



    Our determination together with continuous work allows us to add value to our projects.



    We appreciate the diversity of opinions and people as a source of enrichment for the team.



    We are aware of the importance of adaptation and innovation in today's changing world and we work to keep up to date.

UNPri - ABE Capital Partners


Signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

It allows us to publicly demonstrate our commitment to responsible investment that seeks to build a more sustainable financial system.

Ascri - ABE Capital Partners


Managing partners of ASCRI, the Spanish Association of Capital, Growth, and Investment, which brings together national and international Venture Capital & Private Equity firms.